The Sirens in action against ORDL in an earlier bout.

Sirens take on South Island rivals


What do you get when you mix tights, short outfits and some heavy eyeliner? The toughest full contact, all-female sport on tiny wheels.

The Nelson roller derby is back for another season of fishnets, fun and a fair few bruises with Nelson’s Sirens of Smash set to face off against Christchurch’s Otautahi Roller Derby League (ORDL) this Saturday in their first game of the season.

The two teams have faced off four times in the past with each winning twice, so coach Kellie “Kelfa Leather” Doreen says all bets are off as to who will win.

Since 2011 the experienced Sirens have sped around the Nelson track but this Saturday three new players will make their derby debut after coming through the fresh meat intake.

Captain Fay “Precious” McKenzie says the new players will be nervous but they should have an awesome time.

“I remember just having this mix of excitement and fear that I would do something embarrassing and I’d say our newbies will have a bit of that on Saturday night but they’ll have a great time.”

In each jam – which lasts up to two minutes – four “blockers” from each team skate in a pack, with one jammer aiming to get through the pack, gaining points as they pass members of the opposing team.

Teams play both offense and defense – trying to get their jammer through, and trying to stop the other team from doing the same.

The Nelson Skate Rink doors open this Saturday at 6.30pm, tickets are $5 per adults and $2 per child on the night.