Residents up in arms over potential pukeko cull


On Thursday, residents and businesses near Borck Creek in lower Queen Street were alerted to a potential pukeko cull and responded strongly on both sides.

The cull comes after the pukeko-driven destruction of the Tasman District Council’s development of Borck Creek.

Ten thousand plants are due to be planted from the estuary up to Jubilee Park to create a green water corridor that will shift water from Richmond and lower Queen Street to the sea during a flood.

However, the council’s Chris Choat says for the development to succeed, the plants need to establish themselves instead of being pulled up by pukekos.

“The birds are just not helping themselves,” says Chris. “The end result will be something special and they will be an integral part of that, but until that time, can they please just leave the plants alone?”

The council released a statement on Facebook today saying, “The advice we have from Fish and Game is to try trapping, however we may have to take more drastic steps and shoot a small number of them to deter the others from pulling up the plants.”

Chris says the resident’s reactions were as mixed it is on Facebook.

“We had everything from ‘you can’t do this’ to ‘can we help’, the whole spectrum was shared down there.”

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