Rainey calls for Southern Link referendum


Nelson Mayoral candidate and city councillor Pete Rainey is calling for a referendum on the controversial issue of a new highway for Nelson city.

Rainey says there is no question that Nelson has a traffic congestion problem and he wants to get a clear view from the people of the city on where they stand.

“All the surveys to date on what people want have been quite simply unscientific,” he says. “The fact is we just don’t know what the people of Nelson city want, and the current NZTA investigation won’t tell us that either. People clearly want to have a say and I want to give it to them.”

Rainey says he’s making the call for a referendum now so it can be included with the postal vote in the October election.

“It’s the most cost effective way to make it happen.”

Rainey will meet with the council’s chief executive this week to advance the inclusion of the referendum when voting papers go out in September.

“It needs to be put as a clear question with a Yes or No answer on whether Nelson needs a new highway to be built down the Railway Reserve,” he said.

Rainey says calling for this referendum is consistent with his three election platforms of financial responsibility, inclusivity and making Nelson a great place to live.