Players revolt over new Makos logo


Current and former Tasman Makos are now in open revolt with the Tasman Rugby Union over its decision to ditch the popular shark logo for one that has been likened to a fruit sticker.

Makos Joe Wheeler, Quentin MacDonald, Liam Squire, Kieron Fonotea, Tim Perry, Marty Banks and Jimmy Cowan have all changed their Facebook profile pictures to photos of the original logo that they had tattooed on their bodies after winning the ITM Cup Championship in 2013.

Screen grabs of the players’ Facebook pages were posted on the Bring Back Mako Facebook page Monday night.

Jimmy Cowan’s comment under his profile picture reads: “In capitals for you tony/les [sic] #BRINGBACKTHESHARK.

The rugby union announced that it had changed its logo last month despite no consultation with players or fans. Many fans have been critical of the decision but many players were not keen to be openly critical of the union the play for.

That appears to have changed.

Last week chief executive Tony Lewis and marking manager Les Edwards told Fairfax Media that the new logo was here to stay.

The recent surge of social media activity by many of the Makos’ most senior players is surely the biggest hint yet to the rugby union.