Aimex Service Group’s Maori Youth Development Programme will provide practical opportunities to work on projects like this, the first boat of the Aotearoa Fisheries fleet renewal.

More jobs created in Nelson


More marine industry jobs and training opportunities are set to be created following New Zealand’s biggest fishing fleet renewal project in four decades.

Aotearoa Fisheries Limited, New Zealand’s largest iwi-owned fisheries business, has partnered with Nelson-based boat building company Aimex Service Group to build new technologically-advanced fishing vessels, with the first vessel hitting the water in August this year.

Aimex has recently undertaken a new Māori Youth Development Programme, designed specifically to give young Māori the opportunity to gain hands-on experience of the Marine Engineering industry.

Māori students will have the chance to learn a variety of skill sets such as Heavy Diesel Mechanical, Fabrication, Fitting and Diagnostics, Hydraulics, Engine Reconditioning, Machining, Shipwright Services, Engine Sales and Parts Procurement.

They will enter a staged programme on the Aimex site in Nelson that will be managed by Ārewa, a locally Māori-owned and operated company that support Maori to develop their own capability and potential.

Aotearoa Fisheries CEO Carl Carrington says the company is proud to partner with Aimex in a project that will create jobs and economic opportunities for young Māori.

“Providing young people with skilled, high-wage jobs is great for our economy and society, but these sorts of jobs can be hard to find in some parts of New Zealand.  That’s where the Māori Youth Development Programme comes in.”

Aotearoa Fisheries does not own any fishing vessels, but contacts fishers to catch the company’s Annual Catch Entitlement. It will provide financial support to its fishers to help them invest in new vessels.

Expressions of interest from individuals are now being sought by Ārewa for the Maori Youth Development Programme.

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