Car parking “irresponsible and dangerous”


Ever parked illegally in Nelson?

While roads are for cars and footpaths are for people, some drivers are getting confused.

Parking on a footpath is becoming more and more prevalent in Nelson and councillor Eric Davy is sick of it.

“I drove into town this morning and saw 12 different vehicles parked on footpaths from Suffolk Road to The Ridgeway, Scotia Street and Abraham Heights, it’s becoming too common.”

Eric says illegal parking on footpaths is continuous and authorities need to be encouraged to take a stand and do something about it.

“It’s not only inconvenient, it’s actually dangerous, you’re forced to walk into the traffic stream to get past these vehicles.

“If you’re pushing a pram, in a wheelchair, on a mobility scooter or just a parent walking with their kids who are on tricycles you just can’t get past and its downright irresponsible and dangerous.”

“They are endangering everyone else by this inconsiderate act and there’s absolutely no reason to be doing it.”

Just to see what Eric was talking about, our Nelson LIVE reporter drove around three streets and found the cars in the gallery above.