Bid to keep motorcycle collection in Nelson


The closure of Nelson-based NZ Classic Motorcycles has bike enthusiasts from all over the country rallying to save the multi-million collection.

The Haven Rd museum closed its doors to the public last weekend, following an announcement from owner Tom Sturgess, back in February, saying that the closure was a result of his recent illness.

But local motorcycle buff Adrian Curtis, who is the manager of Tyres & More on St Vincent St, is on a mission to keep the collection in Nelson and is generating interest to buy the collection.

“It seems such a crazy shame to see it go,” he says. “We’ve seen World of WearableArts go, and now this. It’s such a waste.”

Adrian started spreading the word last week, through Facebook and his radio show, Houston Motor Group All Sports Breakfast.

He says the response so far has been “amazing”.

“I’ve had people calling and emailing me from all over New Zealand saying, ‘hey, if you need some help let me know.’ Kiwis are pretty passionate about things like this,” he says.

“I’ve spoken to a few people and got some names to contact this week. It’s unbelievable the value of the machinery in there.”

Adrian understands that the collection, which is arguably one of the best in the world, could be purchased for around $15 million and is appreciating at around thirty-percent per annum. Chris Jackson, business manager for Sturgess Consulting Ltd, told the Weekly that no decision has been made about what will happen to the collection.

“We will consider different options soon, and when a decision has been made we will let people know,” he says.

“If people would like it to stay in Nelson, and are able to make that happen, then no doubt we will add that to the options, but we are considering some pretty compelling proposals.”