Live blog: NBL Nelson Giants v Wellington Saints


Follow along with our live blog of the NBL game between the Mike Pero Nelson Giants and the Wellington Saints at the Trafalgar Centre in Nelson.

Tonight’s the decider, everything is riding on this game. If the Giants want a spot in the semis they need to dominate the Saints on the court tonight.


Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 7.47.54 pm


Full Time 96-83 Saints


9.05pm Shea Ili and Tai Wensley make another two free throws each. 96-81 Saints.

9.04pm Shea Ili makes another free throw. 92-81 Saints.

9.04pm Ben Strong puts up two points on the board. 91-81 Saints.

9.02pm Shea Ili puts up two free throws. 91-79 Saints

9.01pm Cowels hits one of two free throws. 89-78 Saints.

9.00pm Leon puts up another and there’s two minutes in it. 89-77 Saints.

8.57pm It’s a nine point ball game for the spot in the semis after Leon Henry shoots from the arc. 86-77 Saints.

8.55pm Phil Jones is on once more and Cowels gets through the Saints’ defence before making a free throw, time out Saints. 83-77 Saints.

8.53pm Ben Strong hits two free throws. 83-74 Saints.

8.51pm Cowels sinks two from two. 81-73 Saints.

8.50pm Saint Dion Prewster makes his mark with a three pointer with four and a half minutes left on the clock. 81-70 Saints.

8.50pm Saint Leon Henry intercepts before Bryan Davis pushes their lead to eight points. 78-70 Saints.

8.47pm Phill Jones puts another two on the board. 76-70 Saints.

8.44pm Theres a tussle for the ball and everyone’s on the ground, time out Nelson Giants. 76-68 Saints.

8.42pm Ben Strong is back on for Ali Granger and Cowels hits a free throw. 76-68 Saints

8.41pm Ray gets inside the circle and puts up two. 76-67 Saints.

8.40pm Ray Cowels hits one of his free throws. 74-66 Saints.


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Three Quarter time 72-64 Saints.


8.34pm Shea Ili makes a free throw for the Saints. 72-64 Saints.

8.33pm the Giants put up another three before Saint Bryan Davis follows suit and there’s 30 seconds left on the clock. 69-64 Saints.

8.31pm Saint Torrey Craig is completely unmanned and hits the three before Dempster once again tips it in. 67-61 Saints.

8.30pm It’s a five point game and the crowd are getting restless.

8.30pm Phill Jones hits three free throws. 64-59 Saints.

8.28pm Tai Wesley sinks a three for the Saints but is followed by Ali Granger. 64-56 Saints.

8.25pm Time out Giants.

8.24pm Saint Tai Wesley puts up a free throw and its a seven point game. 60-53 Saints.

8.23pm Dempster responds with his own three pointer 57-53 Saints.

8.22pm Torrey Craig puts up three for the Saints and the gap is widening. 57-50 Saints.

8.21pm Sam Dempster tips the ball in. 54-50 Saints.

8.20pm The Saints intercept and Bryan Davis gets a hoop from the arc. 54-48 Saints.

8.18pm Phill Jones puts up two. 49-48 Saints.

8.17pm Benny Anthony from the Saints misses both his free throws. 47-46 Saints.

8.14pm Twenty minutes of playing time left and we’re all tied up. 44-44.


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Half time 44-44


7.57pm Saint Shea Ili puts up a three pointer before Saints Bryan Davis ties the game up with a slam dunk. 44-44.

7.51pm Ben Strong makes two more free throws. 42-36 Giants.

7.44pm Ben Strong makes his two free throws. 40-26 Giants.

7.42pm The Saints very nearly intercept but Sam Dempster regains possession and hits the hoop from well outside the arc before Ben Strong also gets a swish. 38-26 Giants.

7.37pm Phill draws the Saints under the net and passes to Dempster who lands a beautiful three pointer. 31-16 Giants.

7.36pm Sam Dempster hits his two free throws and the Saints are not happy, there’s a lot of frustration in the Wellington camp tonight. 28-14 Giants.


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Quarter time 26-14 Giants.


7.31pm Phill Jones sinks two from two. 26-14 Giants

7.28pm Bryan Davis sinks three from four after a controversial block by Tom Ingham. 24-14 Giants

7.25pm Saint Bryan Davis also sinks two from two. 24-11 Giants.

7.24pm Phill Jones sinks two from two. 24-9 Giants.

7.23pm the refs are taking a lot of flack for their decision to not award a shooting foul.

7.22pm Ali Granger fouls Benny Anthony and the refs have to break up a rumble on the court, everyone is fired up tonight.

7.18pm Jarrod Kenny is double teamed but finds the gap to pass to Dempster who just misses from the arc.

7.17pm Ray Cowels sinks another shot, he is all over the Giants’ offense tonight. 20-9 Giants.

7.13pm Cowel sinks another three before Saints player Shea Ili responds with one of his own. 18-9 Giants.

7.12pm the Saints are off form in the first four minutes, missing yet another shot before Cowel hits two for two. 15-4 Giants.

7.10pm with a perfect shot from the arc, Jarrod Kenny lengthens the Giants’ early lead. 13-4 Giants.

7.09pm Saints Benny Anthony responds. 7-4 Giants.

7.08pm Cowels nails a three pointer. 7-2 Giants.

7.07pm We’ve tipped off and the Giants make their mark. 2-0 Giants.

7.02pm The Giants are taking the court, your starting five are Ray Cowels, Ben Strong, Phill Jones, Jarrod Kenny and Captain Sam Dempster.


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6.57pm There’s just under six minutes until tip off and although the Saints are ranked second on the NBL table there’s nothing this crowd would rather see than the Giants triumph and earn a place in the semi finals.