Z considers fuel refusal for Wicked Campers


One of New Zealand’s major petrol companies is floating the idea of refusing to sell fuel to Wicked Campers drivers because of the offensive slogans and messages appearing on the hire vehicles.

In a message on its Facebook page this morning, Z Energy said it had received suggestions that “as a community-focused Kiwi company” it should refuse to fill up the vans because of the slogans.

wicked campervans Z energy

The company asked people what they thought and in three hours had more than 350 varied replies, under photos of what it called the “mildest” examples of the Wicked slogans.

“The stuff on the vans is no worse than what is found on the internet. They are all meant as a joke and not to be taken seriously,” one person responded.

“The slogans on these vehicles are totally inappropriate and perpetuate violence toward women and others as a norm and other antisocial behaviour,” said another.

Early this afternoon, Z Energy posted again saying the company hadn’t developed a firm stance yet and was also unsure if it could legally refuse service.

Senior National Party MP Paula Bennett, who has criticised the Wicker Campers slogans, shared the Z Energy link on her Facebook page and encouraged people to have their say.

– Story by NZ Herald