Victory miss world record by five


Five spinning pois were all that stood between Victory and a Guinness world record.

Last night 280 Nelsonians including some Nelson Giants and Tasman Makos gathered at Victory Square to set a new record for the largest poi spinning group.

Although Victory had well over the 251 poi spinners needed to break the previous record, organiser Nicola Bare says many were disqualified for either dropping their poi or stopping momentarily.

A heartbreakingly-close total of 246 people were recorded spinning a poi for two minutes following the disqualification of 54 people.

“We were so close,” says Nicola. “It’s dissapointing but it was still such a great event and everyone had fun.”

While the record slipped away this time, Nicola says the community are itching to have another go.

“People were saying, ‘try it again’ straight away and everyone is really keen now so we’ve got to plan it. At this stage we’ll definitely do a second attempt, just maybe not next week.”

However, the event wasn’t all bad news, with $900 raised through donations, poi sales and raffle tickets.

The money will go towards the Victory Community Centre’s Victory on the Move programme which holds events for all ages within the community.