Unsafe bridge reduced to one lane


An ‘unsafe’ Atawhai bridge has been reduced to one lane, effective immediately.

Oldham Bridge on Atawhai Crescent (between Dodson Valley Road and Rainbow Drive) has been reduced to one lane following a routine council inspection.

The inspection revealed the concrete strength of the upstream (south/west bound traffic) section of the bridge has now deteriorated below the acceptable standard for the class of vehicles it was designed to carry.

The bridge was originally built in two halves.

There are no concerns about the condition of the other side of the bridge, which remains open to all traffic.

All structures have a design life and the deterioration of the concrete in the closed section is thought to be related to the materials and methods used in its original construction, not as a result of damage from traffic flow.

The weaker side of the bridge is now closed so the other side is functioning as a standard one lane bridge.

Meanwhile, council will investigate options to repair or replace the bridge as soon as possible.

Drivers are asked to follow the signage in place and give way as required.