Subway Richmond's Rob Hambrook, left, and Nelson builder Andrew Martin outside Subway in Croucher St on Monday. Photo: Simon Bloomberg

Two apprentice building jobs now up for grabs


Builder Andrew Martin has begun the time-consuming task of reading each of the 88 applications to be his new apprentice.

Earlier this month, Andrew put out a call through the pages of Nelson Weekly for a new apprentice. Mitre 10 Mega decided to help him out and donated $400 worth of tools in a brand new tool belt and Subway Richmond has also donated a voucher so the apprentice doesn’t even have to worry about making his own lunch.

Andrew says he’s been overwhelmed with the number of applications and the feedback he’s been getting. “There’s a few that probably stand out. Some have good practice skills and even some with some basic experience, so it’s looking really good.”

He says he will begin calling people for final interviews later this week.

But it won’t be just one apprentice hired. Another builder has contacted the Weekly, also wanting to hire an apprentice.

Craig Weir says he’s looking to increase his small firm because of demand for new homes.

Craig and Andrew will team up during the interview process, each selecting an apprentice from those who applied to the Weekly.

Andrew says it’s great that Craig has come on board. “It’s awesome, it will help him out and with so many great candidates coming forward, why not give jobs to as many as we can.”

He says the feedback from the public has been ongoing. “Everyone keeps asking if I’ve picked someone yet. It’s certainly got people talking, they say they keep an eye out for it each week in the paper.”

Andrew and Craig hope to have hired their new apprentices by next week.