Trafalgar Centre to receive new roof and additions


Council has agreed to fund the addition of extra features and replacement of the Trafalgar Centre roof.

Additional features that will be funded are:

  • Extending the western corridor to link the new northern building with the southern extension without having to go through the main stadium.
  • Thermal insulation and lining the north wall, which is currently only zinc cladding
  • Adding an office in the northeast corner that can be used by event organisers and/or a custodian.

When considering these features late last year, Council decided not to allocate additional funds, waiting to see whether savings could be made from the project’s contingency budget.

Savings were not made and so a $350,000 budget has been provided.

Mayor Rachel Reese says “Adding these features during the construction phase is the most cost effective approach, and will add greater functionality to the centre.”

Council also allocated an additional $250,000 for a replacement roof at the Trafalgar Centre. During the course of the strengthening work severe corrosion was discovered under the roofing overlaps.

The funding will be used to treat the corrosion in the existing roof and build a new roof over top of it as that has the least effect on the rest of the building and its users. It will also help provide additional benefits such as improved heat and sound insulation.

Mayor Reese says “These decisions reinforce Council’s commitment to creating a safe, functional and much improved Trafalgar Centre.”

There was also discussion about the installation of a lift for access to the mezzanine seating on the eastern side of the stadium and television broadcast quality lights. Business cases will be developed for these projects shortly to see if the investment is justified.