Live Blog Nelson Giants v Canterbury Rams


Join us for a live bog from Phill Jones’400th NBL game as the Mike Pero Nelson Giants look to get back on track against the Canterbury Rams Tip-off is at 2pm.

These two teams will do it all again on Saturday at the Trafalgar Centre.


3.56 Fulltime Rams take it 95-85

3.52pm Sam Dempster with three consolation points. 90-83

3.50pm Rams by 10 under a minute to go 90-80.

3.47pm Giants running out of time 86-78.

3.45pm Giants cut it down to six points on the back of…. you guessed it Cowles and delany 84-78 two minutes and change to go.

3.41pm Giants stone cold in the second half, just 19 points through one and a half quarters.

3.39pm Jarrod Kenney with two points for the Giants but with under five minutes to play it’s not looking good. 80-69

3.35pm Marcel Jones with anther two points. Giants in trouble here. 77-67.

3.32pm Giants clinging on but only just as they trail by five points 72-67.


3.20pm Rams getting hunry in third and they lead 70-62 at three quarter time

3.16pm Marcel Jones earns another three points Rams lead 64-60.

3.15pm Rams lead for the first time 61-60

3.14pm Marcel Jones knocks down a three and teh Giants lead is cut to one 60-59

3.12pm Rams getting it done on the fast break. 60-54 to the Giants

3.08pm Rams start fast and the Giants need to talk things over 55-48 to the Giants


2.45pm Phill Jones gets the 42-year-old legs pumping. Fast break two and fouled. Three point play 52-37. Final minute of the half.

2.48pm Cowles 23 points, Delany 15 points on six of seven shooting in the first half.

2.47pm Halftime Giants lead the Rams 52-40

2.43pm Kenney makes two free throws 49-36

2.42pm Marcel Jones for two for the Rams, Cowles replies in kind 47-36

2.40pm Ben Strong get a nice pass for two 44-31

2.38pm Ben Strong with an 18-foot jumper. Skills from the big man 42-31

2.36pm Delany off, Phill Jones in 40-29

2.35pm Cowles and Delany proving the key offensively today. Delany with another jam 38-27.

2.33pm Rams on the fast break – almost their best weapon so far 36-23

2.31pm Delany with the one handed jam! Pretty play 36-21

2.30pm The Rams daring Cowles to shoot from the carpark and he does and sinks it 36-21

2.29pm Second quarter underway. Defence  from both teams great 31-19


2.24pm Ray Cowles with a buzzer two to end the quarter 31-19

2.23pm Moore with a potential three point play for the Rams but he misses the extra point 29-19

2.22pm McKenzie Moore with a nice three for the Rams 29-17. Giants cooling off a little.

2.21pm Phill Jones comes on in his 400th NBL game, 390 of those with the Giants 29-14

2.19pm Kenney gets two from the charity line late in the opening quarter 28-12

2.18pm Another offensive board for the Giants thats 8 now and Cowles gets his third three pointer of the quarter 25-10

2.16pm Jarrod Kenney gets in on the act with a pretty finger roll at the hoop 22-8

2.14pm Delany with the last seven points for the Giants 20-8

2.13pm Another offensive boar and Delany knocks down a three to make the Rams pay 16-8

2.10pm Cowles nails his second long ball for three. Time out Rams. 13-5

2.09pm Offensive rebounds aplenty for the Giants and they are making it count! Rams bench not happy with the effort under the glass. Delany nails two from the free throw line 10-5

2.08pm Ethan Rusbatch nails a three for the Rams and Cowles respons with two of is own 8-5

2.05pm Giants dominating the glass early Sam Dempster at the line for two coming up 5-2 Giants lead

2.05pm Cowles lights it up from outside 5-2

2.02pm Delaney with an early steal and Giants get an early offensive board and Cowles to the free throw line. Good start 2-0

1.58pm Starting 5 for your Giants: Sam Dempster, Ray Cowles III, Jarrod Kenney, Ben Strong and Finn Delaney

1.47pm Giants clinging to fourth on the ladder after three straight losses. Time to turn it around on the home court.

1.43pm Anzac Day commemorations prior to today’s game gets underway.