Live blog: NBL Nelson Giants v Southland Sharks


Tonight the top of the table Mike Pero Nelson Giants host the third place Southland Sharks at Trafalgar Centre

The Giants will be looking to bounce back from their loss to the Waitakere Super City Rangers last weekend while the Sharks are coming off a big winner over the Canterbury Rams.


Full Time: 112-91 Sharks.


Photo: Barry Whitnall/Shutter Sport.


8.51pm Derome makes one from two. 112-91 Sharks.

8.50pm Ingham misses his free throws and Derome is back from the arc for the sharks. 111-91 Sharks.

8.49pm Andrew Wheeler makes both free throws for the Sharks. 109-91 Sharks.

8.48pm Derone makes one of his free throws. 107-91 Sharks.

8.47pm Ben Strong nails a three. 103-88 Sharks.

8.45pm Cowels gets another swish from outside the arc. 103-85 Sharks.

8.43pm Tom Ingham comes on for the Giants and assists Cowels in yet another three. 103-82 Sharks.

8.40pm Its getting ugly and the Sharks are nailing their three pointers with Bartlett seven from nine on his threes. 103-77 Sharks.

8.38pm With some smooth passes Derone lengthens the Shark’s lead. 98-77 Sharks.

8.37pm Theres 5.36 left on the clock and the Giants are regrouping in a time out. 94-77 Sharks.

8.37pm Hayden Allen from outside chalks up another three on the board before Cowels hits from the arc. 90-77 Sharks.

8.35pm Cowels puts another two up. 74-87 Sharks.

8.34pm Beri gets two for two but the Sharks respond. 87-72 Sharks.

8.33pm Cowel gets three from outside. 85-70 Sharks.

8.32pm Finn Delaney gets a slam dunk, assisted by Phill Jones. 83-67 Sharks.

8.31pm Shark Hayden Allen makes two for two free throws. 81-65 Sharks.

8.29pm In a controversial call, refs are denying a shark hoop.


Photo: Barry Whitnall/Shutter Sport.


Three-quarter time: 79-65 Sharks.


Photo: Barry Whitnall/Shutter Sport.


8.26pm Shark James Paringatai makes two free throws. 79-65 Sharks.

8.25pm Jarrod Kenny makes one free throw. 77-65 Sharks.

8.24pm Phill Jones gets through the Sharks as the Giants are clawing their way back. 77-64 Sharks.

8.22pm Phill Jones hits one for two before Shark Alex Pledger gets one up. 74-62 Sharks.

8.19pm Ben Strong follows suit and the Giants are making their way back to the top. 72-59 Sharks.

8.19pm Captain Sam Dempster makes the shot. 72-57 Sharks.

8.17pm Sharks intercept and Alex Pledger capitalises. 72-55 Sharks.

8.16pm Phill Jones gets two for two. 66-55 Sharks.

8.14pm Shark Derone Raukawa gets another hoop after a series of unsuccessful shots by the Giants. 66-53 Sharks.

8.11pm Bartlett shoots another three. 64-53 Sharks.

8.08pm Shark Everard Bartlett shoots a beauty from outside the arc. 58-53 Sharks.

8.05om The third half begins and Cowels hits a three pointer. 52-49 Sharks.


Photo: Barry Whitnall/Shutter Sport.
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Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 7.53.25 pm
Photo: Barry Whitnall/Shutter Sport.


7.49pm Halftime Sharks lead the giants 52-46

7.46pm Late in the second quarter Sharks lead 52-46

7.44pm Sharks extend their lead to nine points 49-40

7.43pm Under two minutes to go in the half, Giants down 43-38

7.42pm Tom Ingham one from two at the line, 41-38

7.40pm Ben Strong makes one of two from the foul line 41-36

7.39pm Sharks extend the lead to 41-35

7.39pm Sharks up 38-33.

7.35 Sharks tip in extends their lead to 36-33

7.33pm Bronson Beri ties it up at 32-32

7.29pm Ray Cowles off the glass to put the Giants up but the Sharks answer back with four straight points 31-27

7.28pm Sharks lead cut t one 26-25

7.27pm Sharks extend the lead with the first points after the break 26-22

7.25pm Giants shootng at 41 percent in the first quarter.

7.23pm Quarter time Sharks lead 24-22

7.22pm Sharks lead by two, Giants to get last shot of the quarter. 22-24

7.21pm Phil Jones gets the home team in front 22-20




7.18pm Giants take the lead 20-18 on a couple of free throws

7.16pm Giants tie it up. 18-18.

7.15pm Delany puts one up but Shark Alex Pledger answers the call, zipping around Bronson Beri. 18-16 Sharks.

7.14pm Nick makes two from two and the Giants trail behind. 16-14 Giants.

7.12pm Nick Kay drives into the arc and Finn Delany is fouled, Nick makes two from two. 14-12 Sharks.

7.07pm Ben Strong gets in under the Sharks defence twice. 10-6 Giants.

7.02pm Sam Dempster knocks down the first shot for the Giants.