Live blog NBL Nelson Giants v Canterbury Rams


The Nelson Giants get a second chance at the Canterbury Rams at the Trafalgar Centre tonight.

The Mike Pero Nelson Giants are looking to end a four-game losing streak and break back into the top four.


FULLTIME: Giants win 107-97


9.06pm Dickel is grumpy his team is fouling he wants to leave. 106-97

9.04pm Rams cach Mark Dickel says “game over” from the bench. That’s good enough for me 106-96.

9.02pm Giants staying resolute here into the final minute 102-96

8.57pm Rams now fouling quickly 101-91

8.56pm One point away from free cheeseburgers and 100 points. This has been gritty from the Giants

8.56pm Sam Dempster off the glass for two 99-91

8.55pm Marcel Jones with a big bucket for the Rams 97-91

8.54 Just over two minutes to go 95-88

8.52pm Phill Jones with the THREE. Big play and the Giants have space 95-88

8.51pm Jones with two big buckets 92-88 to the Giants

8.50pm Giants have rallied but the Rams will not wilt yet.

8.49pm Back and forth here Giants lead 90-88

8.40pm Ben Strong offensive board! 85-78

8.39pm It’s tense here. Giants lead 83-78

8.38pm Ben strong with two points 77-71


8.33 THREE QUARTER TIME: Giants hold a slender lead 75-71 thanks to a Cowels three on the buzzer. That could be huge! He’s fired up too.


8.32pm Cowels taking charge of the situation. The American stepping up here. Two more points. Giants lead 72-69

8.31pm Cowels to the paint and the lead 70-69. Travel called on the Rams Giants ball 70-69

8.30pm Marcel Jones fires up an air ball and the Giants are happy to let him know about his weak shot.  69-68 Rams lead

8.29pm Rustbatch misses for the Rams and Ray Cowels hits a three to take the lead back 68-67

8.28pm Rams by three now 67-64. This quarter can’t end fast enough for the Giants

8.25pm Rams lead by one 65-64. What is with this third quarter woes?!

8.24pm Giants call time out as they cling to a one point lead late in the third 64-63

8.23pm Phill Jones extends the led with foul shots 64-60

8.21pm Rustbatch with a big bucket Giants lead 62-60.

8.20pm Delany nails one from the free throw line, gets a rebound but gives up the foul 62-57

8.19pm Giants struggling now as the Rams eat into the lead 61-57

8.16pm McKenzie more rattles in a three to cut the lead 61-55.

8.14pm Marcel Jones with two free throws for the Rams. Ben Strong replies for the Giants 59-46

8.12pm Delany with a three point play, Giants on a roll 57-44

8.11pm Let’s hope the Giants score more than 10 in the third unlike Monday.

8.10pm Second half let’s get it on


7.49pm HALFTIME: Giants lead 52-42 thanks to a Phill Jones three at the buzzer!


7.47pm 30 seconds left in the half, Giants up 47-42

7.46pm A big three for the rams on the eve of half time 47-40

7.44pm Captain Dempster lands a corner three 45-37

7.43pm Cowels snaffles a cheeky offensive board 42-35

7.41pm McKenzie Moore lands two from the free throw line for the Rams 40-35

7.40pm a lull in the scoring is broken by Cowels 40-33 Giants lead

7.37pm Ball movement from the Rams gets Ethan Rustbatch a bucket 38-33.

7.35pm Delany muscles two and Mrcel Jones answers for the Rams 36-31

7.32pm Phill Jones stops and pops a three on the break 34-26

7.30pm Rams eating into the lead 31-23


7.24pm QUARTER TIME: Giants lead 28-18


7.22pm Under a minute to go and the traditionally fast starting Giants in charge 26-18

7.21pm Delany shows his versatility to nail a three pointer then gets a tough bucket in the paint 24-18

7.20pm Marcus Whippy with a three point play for teh Rams to cut the deficit 19-15

7.19pm Cowels adds two from the charity line 19-12

7,18pm Kenney misses an easy lay-up but Cowels knocks down another three! 17-12.

7.17pm Giants cold from deep so far 14-12.

7.16pm Rams get back into the swing with a fast break three-point play 14-12 Giants lead.

7.14pm Rams guard Marcel Jones, the dagger last time for the Giants opens his account. Ray Cowels knocks down a three of his own 14-7

7.12pm Ben Strong with a long jump shot for two 11-7

7.11pm McKenzie Moore gets the first three pointer of the night for the Rams. Delany answers with a potential three point play which he makes 9-5

7.09pm A direct approach so far from the Giants. Jarrod Kenney to go to the foul line. he gets one of two. Giants lead 6-2.

7.08pm Delany goes direct for two points 4-2

7.07pm Ben Strong fade away hook shot 2-2

7.05pm Let’s do this. Rams get first possession

7.03pm A nice presentation to Nelson legend Phill Jones for 400 NBL games. Tonight is 401, 391 of those with the Nelson franchise.

6.58pm Here is your Giants starting five: Ray Cowels III, Finn Delany, Jarrod Kenney, Ben Strong and your captain Sam Dempster.

6.50pm The Giants are back and keen to stop the four-game slide. Ray Cowels II and Finn Delany have been the standouts over the past few games but the rest of the team will have to do more tonight against a Rams outfit that smashed them in the second half on Anzac Day.