Historic Haven Rd home to be recycled


A century-old home on Haven Rd is being pulled down bit-by-bit.

Bernard Downey is a director of Saltwater Creek Investments Limited, which owns the house. He says the house is uninhabitable and has been unoccupied for quite some time. “The floor was rotten and rats have been living in the roof for 100 years.”

haven2The house is thought to have been built between 1904 and 1905 and is listed as a Historic Place Category 2 with Heritage New Zealand.

While the house may have served its purpose, the building materials are getting a second chance at life.

The plan is to “recycle” the historic house and local Luke King has been pulling it apart, piece by piece.

“I’m just trying to preserve its values as much as possible, rather than seeing it demolished,” says Luke. “I don’t like seeing old stuff being destroyed and the demolition crew Bernard spoke to first were going to bring a big digger in and smash it all down.”

Luke says he’s got big plans for all the rimu.

“I’m going to build a 1930s heritage-style farmhouse out in The Glen where we sell the fresh milk from Ratabank Farms. It’s going to be a cafe, kitchen and art gallery with a big outdoor pizza oven, baby animals and lots of edible trees, just stuff kids can connect with and see where things come from.”

Luke thinks the house used to belong to an old railway union boss.

The site will be cleared for a future development but Bernard says he is yet to decide what that may be.