Fire burns off Quarantine Rd


A fire that started early this morning at a firewood and compost business on Quarantine Rd is still burning.

The fire was started by combustion within a compost mound which drew brigades to the scene just after 8am this morning. A loader operator attempted to break the burning section of the pile away from the main heap and after it was extinguished, brigades returned just after 10am and again at around 11:30am to fight the fire which has now taken over a large portion of the compost heap.

Stoke Volunteer Fire Brigades deputy chief, Tane Simpson, says the fire is obviously deeply seeded within the mound, which has required the attendance of four fire service trucks and three rural fire trucks.

Tane says that at the moment, establishing a permanent water source is top priority for the fire which could potentially burn for days.

Two police cars are positioned at the Nayland Rd and Bolt Rd roundabouts, stopping traffic from entering the section of Quarantine Rd where fire trucks are constantly refilling their tanks with water from a fire hydrant.