Cause of fire undetermined


Following the completion of a two-day investigation, the cause of the fire that collapsed Motueka’s Abel Glass has been announced as undetermined.

Motueka Volunteer Fire Brigade’s Chief Fire Officer Mike Riddell was one of the first of forty fire fighters on site at 9.18pm on Wednesday night and says the building is “a total write off”.

Mike says the fire originated in the middle of the building where the structure collapsed.

“[The cause] is undetermined but it is most likely to have been caused by an electrical event to do with the building.

“Due to the damage sustained in the fire we can’t pinpoint it to an exact cause but it will be something to do with the electrics, everything else has been ruled out.”

Mike says the building could have been saved if the business had taken prior precautions.

“If they had a sprinkler system installed, they would not have sustained the losses they have, it would have saved the building.”

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