Social media nabs Victory School vandals


Thanks to Facebook, three vandals have been identified following the defacing of the Victory Primary School Pool.

Local, Mahina Selby-Law posted two images on her Facebook page at 11.16am and already they have been identified.

Mahina posted the photographs with the following caption, “Anyone know who these people are? They vandalised Victory Primary School’s Pool last night. We already struggle to keep this pool going as some of you may have seen last year on Campbell Live.”

Ani-marie Waitai commented on the post not long after saying, “Hopefully these lil punks get caught…atleast u got good photos of them – someone is bound to know them!!”

And someone did know them, a mere 37 minutes after Mahina posted the photos, Wayne Hippolite commented, linking a photo of the male culprit’s Facebook page.

At 12.10 pm, Mahina commented saying all three had been identified.

“Thanks everyone we have his name and the two girls names too. The power of Facebook!!”