Photo of the week


Local amateur photographer Jamie Hall claims our photo of the week, after “scrambling down his bank” armed with a Cannon EOS Rebel T2i and tripod early this morning.

The photo, taken around 7 am, looks down on Nelson from Jamie’s home and captures the city waking up just after venus rose.

Jamie says he’s been taking photos since the 60’s, “even before they had digital cameras” but he’s still experimenting with night shots.

“I like shooting landscapes and macro photography but what I really want to get into is astrophotography, the contrast of light in the night really does it for me. You know when you’re somewhere with no light pollution and you look up at the sky it’s just amazing and I’d love to be able to capture that properly.”

Jamie says that people keep telling him to take up photography professionally but he’s content just content playing around and taking cool shots.

“I enjoy when you get that one shot or when other people come back and say wow that’s awesome, I get so much out of that.”


Send your photo to [email protected] and it could feature in next week’s article.