Milkie goes back to his past


Nelson milkie Trevor Nicholls is looking forward to a blast from the past and reducing his carbon footprint when when he starts delivering milk in glass bottles again.

A lot of milk used to come in glass bottles when Trevor started delivering around Nelson and Tasman 21 years ago, but it was later replaced with cardboard cartons and plastic bottles.

Now Trevor has decided to take his business, Milk and More, back in time and offer whole milk, from Stoke-based Oaklands Farm, in good old-fashioned glassbottles.

“We’ve had quite a bit of demand for it since the success of Oaklands Farm milk,” Trevor says.

“It tastes better out of glass and it’s better for the environment because the bottles are reusable and the milk is a local product.”

Oaklands Farm milk is already sold from vending machines around Nelson and Tasman, and Trevor says he is keen to try and expand its market.

The fresh, whole milk is produced by A2 cows on Oaklands Farm on the corner of Saxton and Suffolk roads in Stoke.

“It’s becoming really popular, but not everyone can get out to a vending machine so I thought it would be good to see if people want it delivered. I don’t have any idea what the take-up will be but it’s already popular so it could be huge,” he says.

Trevor will start delivering Oaklands Farm milk from April 4.