Tasman District and Nelson City councils will be discussing Easter trading policy.

Joint landfill proposal


Nelson and Tasman are looking at become equal partners in a joint landfill operation.

In a statement released today, Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese and Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne say the joint approach to managing the landfill needs of the Nelson Tasman communities is a step closer after both councils agreed to discuss a joint venture approach with their communities.

If the venture went ahead, the Tasman District Council would make a one-off payment of $4.2 million to Nelson City Council to satisfy the requirements for 50-50 partnership as York Valley has a higher valuation than Eves Valley.

The structure, governance and ownership are yet to be confirmed, but it is likely to operate in a similar way to the Nelson Regional Sewerage Business Unit, which manages the regional wastewater treatment plant at Bell Island.

Both councils will discuss the proposal with their communities over the next few months before making a decision whether or not to proceed. If it goes ahead, the regional landfill will operate from