Hammer-wielding robber robs petrol station


A man using a hammer as a weapon demanded tobacco from an attendant at the Stoke Z petrol station on Sunday night.

The robber entered the store at 6.45 pm on Sunday evening. Z spokesperson Jonathan Hill says a small amount of tobacco was handed over and then the offender left.

“It’s actually a very serious thing, it’s one step away from someone getting hurt and for a few packets of cigarettes this was an extremely dangerous thing to do.

“Somebody has walked into the site with a weapon and demanded something from one of our people and that is absolutely unacceptable,” says Jonathan.

Police were contacted immediately, and Jonathan says they attempted to track the offender with a police dog but he is unaware of whether they were successful.

He says the store has “very good” CCTV cameras at all of their sites.

“The quality of those pictures is second to none and we’ll be providing that to the police in the hope that it helps them catch this person.”

He says it’s disappointing that staff are put through something like that.

“The person behind the counter is doing their best to provide from themselves and their family and it is just not right for somebody to think that they can treat someone like that. It’s frankly appalling and we are very hopeful that the police catch the person that did it.”