Latest: Firearms incident in Riwaka


Police are responding to a report of a firearm being involved in an incident at an address in Riwaka.

Cordons are in place in the Swamp Rd, Umukuri Rd area and the public is asked to avoid the area and use alternative routes.

Brookland School administrator, Josie Moriarty says the school is still in lockdown and a police officer has just arrived.

“We’re not sure exactly where he is but the gunman is very close,” says Josie.

“We’re still in lockdown but parents that can get in have picked up their children and our bus had to take the Westbank Rd route.”

“I’d say people would consider us within the cordon, people can go past our school but they can’t get into town.”

Riwaka School is not far from the cordon but staff say they are not currently in lockdown.

No further information on the incident is currently available.