Cyclists urged to brighten up


With the approaching dawn of daylight savings, cyclists are urged to be brighter.

Bike Wise, NZ Police, and Nelson City Council have teamed up to are urging cyclists to be brighter.

Once again many cities around New Zealand, including Nelson will focus on reducing cycling accidents and increasing awareness of cyclist safety through a campaign named ‘Be Bright’, where cyclists will be reminded to light up their bikes and wear high-visibility clothing to help keep them safe on the road.

Cyclists’ visibility to other road users is an essential part of their safety.  The ‘Be Bright’ campaign is launching on Monday as cyclists adjust to the end of daylight saving.

The campaign promotes the use of lights and high visibility clothing in order to reduce risks to cyclists during low-light periods at dawn and dusk or in poor weather.

Over the coming weeks Nelson City’s Be Bright campaign will involve:

  • Checkpoints at key locations where Police will assess reflective gear and lights. Cyclists that don’t have adequate lights will be given some assistance while stocks last.
  • Roving cycle ambassadors who will stop cyclists without lights and offer to fit lights on their bikes at no cost.