Owner Leighton Heal with Rupert, the Flemish Giant rabbit who went walkabout during Easter Weekend.

Bunny goes for Easter Weekend walkabout


It may be Easter but when a large rabbit turns up at your back door, it is a little surprising.
Brook St residents Jenna and Kyle Taylor were sitting out on their deck on Saturday afternoon when they saw Rupert, a Flemish Giant rabbit, hopping up their drive. Jenna quickly grabbed him and after posting a picture of the huge bunny to the Facebook group, Online Garage Sale Nelson/Motueka, he was soon identified and within around five minutes, Rupert’s owners had made contact.
It turns out Rupert lived just a few doors up the road and his Easter Weekend escapade was just one of several. Owner Leighton Heal says Rupert is just over a year old and still not fully grown, he also has a habit of getting free and visiting the neighbours. Squeezing through the cat flap and eating his way through a wooden pallet gate are popular methods of escape, with his longest trip away from home lasting five days.
Rupert is now back home and resting up for his next neighbourhood wander.