Anti-pollution rubbish dumped roadside


A environment-conscious barbecuer should have thought twice before dumping their rubbish on the side of the road.

The stickered barbecue was dumped with several other objects including a large steel oil drum and some tyres on the side of the Moutere Hill. A photo of the rubbish was snapped by a passing motorist and send to

Alec Louverdis from the Nelson City Council says roadside rubbish dumping is a regular occurrence.

“We receive two reports of it a month on average. It generally occurs in more isolated areas where offenders feel they are less likely to be seen.”

Alec says Nelmac carries out the clean up work which costs approximately $200 a month on average.

“Unauthorized dumping of rubbish is illegal under the Litter Act and offenders can be fined if evidence of who was responsible for dumping the rubbish can be found.”