Nayland Pools opens for the dogs


Nayland Pool went to the dogs for the end of season Dog Splash on Saturday.

From a four-month-old Jack Russell to a gigantic Burmese Mountain Dog and every breed in between, Nelson’s canines had full run of the pools, for a splash in the water, treats, lots of fetch and no leads in sight.

Seasonal Manager Nic Stuart says, “humans have had their turn, now it’s time for the dogs.”

This is the second year Nayland have let the dogs run loose after closing the facilities to the public at the end of the season.

Stoke vet nurse Leah Kenton says the day is a great idea.

“There’s not really anywhere in Nelson for dogs to hang out and play without having to be on a lead so its just great to be able to let them all off and see them all play.”

Owners gave a gold coin donation entry, from which over $140 was raised for the Second Chance charity, a group dedicated to re-homing pound dogs.