Alleged drunk driver caught on tape


Neihana Nukunuku was in his mate’s car driving along Rocks Rd at 8.15pm Thursday night when an allegedly intoxicated driver began swerving and driving dangerously in front of them.

With his friend behind the wheel, Neihana decided to video the dangerous driving on his phone.

“We were just coming out of the lights and we started seeing them swerving but we didn’t really take much notice. At first we just thought they were just average drivers but when we saw the bottles we were like ‘oh, they’re drinking’,” says Neihana.

“We started videoing after the worst of it, but they nearly hit a van and a cyclist and chucked a couple of bottles at the rocks on Rocks Road, they smashed everywhere, they were idiots.

“We went along Rocks Rd and then when we got to the roundabout near The Warehouse, we wanted to go into town but we just kept following them. They took off and turned into The Warehouse at the last minute so we kept going and then went back around the other entrance and tried to spot them but we couldn’t find them.”

Neihana gave the footage to the police who were happy to have the footage.

“The police said it was good that we recorded it because then if they can’t be done for drunk driving, they can be done for reckless driving. Either way the guy may end up losing his license.”

The video was also posted on Neihana’s Facebook page late last night with the hashtags #neverdrinkanddrive and #betweenthewhitelinesmaaaate.

The video currently has 142 shares, 328 likes and 66 comments, “everybody is going crazy over the video,” says Neihana.