Throwback Thursday: Trafalgar Park


What was previously known as The Mudflat Recreation Ground is now one of the main event hubs of the region.

Trafalgar Park opened it’s gates for the first time in 1888 with an afternoon football match of ‘Fifteen V Eighteen’ made up of players from the town’s different clubs. The first fifteen took out the match by a single point.

The Nelson Rugby Football Club played its first home game the following Saturday.

Soon after, grass was sown for a cricket pitch and a bicycle track was constructed around the pitch’s perimeter.

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The council purchased the Park in 1891, with the purchasing act stating the land would be used “as a recreation ground and for other purposes connected with the athletic sports and other recreations of the inhabitants of the City of Nelson and the surrounding districts.”

Since then, Trafalgar Park hosted the pre-WWII Australian cricket tour team, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Peter Snell as well as numerous athletes and musicians.