The story behind the photo: nude Mot shopper


Motueka’s Jadine Ngatoro got the surprise of her life when she hopped out of her car yesterday.

“I looked up and saw a naked lady carrying groceries walking right in front of my house,” says Jadine.

Jadine thought no one would believe her so she took a quick snap on her phone.

“I was trying to be stealth, hiding in the bushes at my house so people didn’t think I was taking a photo of a naked chick.”

“She saw me, and said, ‘do you want me to pose, lol’ and just giggled and kept walking.”

“I just thought, ‘she’s got balls’, she was just strutting her stuff down the road and she was proud. She didn’t look like she was crazy, she was just a feminist nudist walking down the road, happy with her body, that takes guts.”

Jadine says she took the photo to prove to her friends she wasn’t lying, who in turn told her to put it on Facebook, “Even dad told me to put it up.”

Jadine posted it on her Facebook account with the words, “The s**t you see in Mot”.

The post was then picked up by The Edge Breakfast with Jay-Jay, Dom & Randell Facebook page and currently has 692 shares, 4445 likes and 1632 comments

“I didn’t think it would go viral that quickly, I’ve so many people sharing my post. Now I’m Facebook famous, all because I saw a naked chick walking down the road.”

The woman was arrested 20 meters down the road and police were unable to comment as the woman was still being processed when we contacted them.

“The police came and picked her up because it’s illegal but if that’s what she wants to do, I don’t care. I think people are taking it a bit out the gate, it’s not like she was running in front of cars, she was just walking home after getting her groceries.”


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