Speed limit changes come into force in April


Keep an eye on your speed over coming months, as new speed limits will come into force on 26 Tasman roads on April 1, 2016.

The Tasman District Council last week adopted its new Speed Limits Bylaw 2016.

Cr Trevor Norriss, who chaired the bylaw hearings panel, says council staff will now organise the installation of new signage to reflect the changes, and urged motorists to actively check speed limit signs as they journey through the District.

“We’re advising people to take extra care as they get used to the new limits and adjust their driving habits in certain places. We want everyone to stay safe and avoid a costly speeding ticket.”

“The new bylaw reduces the speed limit on all or part of 26 roads, either to address safety concerns raised specifically by the community, or to make sure the speeds are consistent with best-practice safety guidelines.”

The Council invited submissions on the draft changes in September and October, 2015 and a hearing was held in November 2015. Trevor says several changes were made to the draft bylaw as a result, including the removal of proposed changes to the speed limit on Carlyon Road, Dehra Doon Road, Old Coach Road, Tasman View Road, Ellis Street and Redwood Valley Lane.

“The other change to the draft bylaw is that we will apply a 60kmh speed limit along the entire length of School Road in Mahana, rather than on just one section of the road.”

As well as considering speed limits through the bylaw, Trevor says a separate investigation into the need for school zone speed signage is underway, and the 10 highest-priority schools in the District have been identified.

An analysis of traffic speeds past the schools, numbers of children biking or walking to school, and crash history is being completed before staff make recommendations to the Council about which schools need 40kmh speed advisory signs installed, and what type of signs would be appropriate – either static or flashing variable signs.

Staff are planning to present their recommendations to the Council’s Engineering Services Committee on March 3, 2016.

A full list of the speed limit changes will be posted on the Council’s website prior to the changes coming into effect on 1 April 2016, www.tasman.govt.nz.