Skating sensation carves up skatepark


Local boy Alex Moreu is world famous in Nelson, his talent is the talk of the town and he’s beginning to turn heads.

Alex won first place in January’s Tasman Skatepark Tour and while he may only be eight years old and stand a just over a metre, this little ripper has been carving up skateparks across the region.
What started as a cool Christmas present has turned into an obsession, not only for Alex but his whole family.
Alex’s dad, Mike Moreu says the whole family got penny boards for Christmas and were instantly hooked.
“It just seemed like a really cool gift at the time but we’ve been tumbling down the skateboarding rabbit hole ever since, it’s been one big, fun adventure.”
To say Alex loves skateboarding is a massive understatement and one day he hopes to be the next Tony Hawk or Danny Way.
“It’s such a fun sport, you can get outside, see your friends, have some good times and get massive air,” says Alex.
Alex’s favourite trick is getting big air off a quarter pipe, something he is well known for and will be doing a lot more of since winning the competition.
For winning first place in the junior skate section, Alex was given $400 to get a custom board made.
Alex says he was down at the skate shop the next morning and absolutely loves his Almost board with red pig strips, thunder trucks and Plan B wheels.
“Its a bit lower to the ground so you can get more speed, it’s got better bearings, and its a smaller board so I can do higher airs and kick flips.”
Alex’s gutsy skating means he is no stranger to grazes and bruises but he wears his scars like a badge of honour.
“The day before the Motueka competition I fell on my face and got really injured, I’ve got some scars on my face and a big scar on my arm,” he says smiling proudly.
Mike says skating has become a real family thing and he couldn’t be prouder of his boys.
“It’s really fun watching them develop and it’s also really fun just sharing it with them.”
“Alex is eight years old and he’s already doing tricks that teenagers and 20-year-olds are doing. He’ll watch a movie or somebody do a trick and he won’t say anything, he’ll just sit and observe it and then he’ll just be like, ‘right, got it’ and go out and do it.”
While Alex thinks his minor celebrity status is “kinda  weird”, Mike says he’ll have to get used to it if he keeps skating like he does.
“He’s got such an appetite for it, whether he can make a living or be pro, I don’t know, that’s a long way off but he’s certainly got the talent, drive and attitude to be really, really good.”