Kaka chicks arrive at Natureland


Natureland keepers are playing parents to four Kaka chicks as part of a new Project Janszoon breed for release program and while the birds may be small, their voices are not.

Natureland keeper Jenny Pettigrew says the chicks arrived two weeks ago and will breed the next generation of Kaka to be released into the Abel Tasman National Park.

“Kaka usually have four chicks at a time so DOC left mum and dad with two and brought two to us, the idea being that when they get old enough, they will start breeding and we’ll release their offspring back into the Wainui Valley.”

Jenny says it’s absolutely amazing to have this kind of project at Natureland.

“This is what you get into this line of work to do.”

“I came back to New Zealand to work with Kaka so it’s uber awesome being able to do this with such an amazing species like the Kaka, they’re so intelligent, so funny and so awesome in every way.”

“The idea is to basically turn Natureland into a little breeding for release centre as well as the zoo.”

Temporarily named Blue, Green, Red and Yellow after the coloured tags around their legs, Jenny says the group are already developing personalities.

“Blue and Green are definitely more outgoing but they’re all finding their adult Kaka voices now, up until a few days ago they were only making a soft noise – now they’ve discovered screaming,” Jenny says with a grin.

Natureland is working at opening up the aviaries within the next few weeks so the public can get a closer look at the Kaka chicks currently housed in the nursery section of Natureland’s new aviaries.