Water restrictions reduced


While the weekend’s rain put a damper on summer, most Nelsonians were glad to see it.

River flows were replenished and soil moisture levels in Tasman have improved, enough that a reduction in water rationing measures can now take place.

Dry Weather Taskforce convenor Dennis Bush-King said that current water restrictions will be lifted for all zones with immediate effect, except permit holders in the Reservoir, Waimea West, Upper Confined, Lower Confined, Hope, Delta, Upper Catchment and Golden Hills zones on the Waimea Plains. The named zones will revert to Stage 1 restrictions (a 20% cut).

Restrictions remain in force for urban water users in Richmond, Mapua – Ruby Bay, Hope, Brightwater and Wakefield and their rural extensions. Urban users may use handheld hosing to water productive gardens on alternate days (your house street number indicates whether you may water on odd or even calendar days).

The Waimea River is at 14 cumecs having peaked at 108 cumecs on Sunday morning and groundwater levels are helpfully starting to rise but are still at low levels.

Some rain is forecast for later this week and Dennis says the situation will be kept under review.