Water restrictions lifted


Locals will be happy to hear that water restrictions have been lifted on the Waimea Plains and in urban areas with immediate effect.

Dennis Bush-King, Tasman District Council’s Dry Weather Task Force convenor said the recent rain has replenished river levels and groundwater levels have improved.

“The Waimea River at Appleby is flowing at 6.6 cubic metres per second (cumecs), compared with just below 1 cumec just after the New Year. This flow rate should provide a secure supply to users and an ability to replenish aquifers and groundwater supply for at least a couple of weeks.  Given this flow is well above the rationing triggers it is only right that all restrictions be removed.”

“Golden Bay, despite the rain it has had, is on a watch and permit holders may be moving into restrictions under their conditions of consent.  But the rain has come at a good time for farmers and water users in the district.”

“While restrictions have been lifted in urban and rural areas, the situation will be monitored and further restrictions will return if dry conditions persist over summer as forecast.”

Mr Bush-King said it was still wise to use water carefully and conserve as much as possible.