Tourists crash on Waimea Road


A family of tourists had an unfortunate start to 2016 after they crashed their rental car into a parked van around 7 pm this evening.

The crash was opposite the Nelson College for Boys field along Waimea Road and has left both vehicles severely damaged.

Sergeant Stu Wright was the first serviceman on the scene and says the van involved was parked and unoccupied.

“The RAV4 has just been driving down the road and he’s drifted off to the left and hit the parked van.”

The cause of the drift is unclear but the Police are investigating.

Stu says those involved only sustained minor injuries caused by seat belts.

“They’re just going to be taken up to the hospital to get checked out but at the moment, they’re all fine.”

The road was down to one lane with Police officers directing traffic, but Nelson firemen have since cleared it.