Tasman Skatepark Tour


Young and old have been hitting skateparks around the region in the Tasman Skatepark Tour.

The competition has three categories: skate, scooter and bmx, with three age groups in each.

Organiser, Paul McConachie says the quality of tricks is definitely up a level from last year and it’s not just the older ones that are playing Evil Kinevil.

“Each park brings about different tricks and ways to utilise the different features there but a crowd favourite is always the back flip and more and more younger kids are attempting it and pulling it off which is awesome.”

Paul says they’ve had over 45 competitors at each of the heats.

“The junior age groups are a bit more hotly contested but it’s great having that older age group because they unofficially play that mentoring, big brother role and there’s a lot of sharing and passing on of knowledge which is awesome.”

As for the standouts, Paul says there’s quite a few.

Brothers Alex and Sam Moreu are cleaning up in the junior skate category with younger brother Alex winning each of his five heats.

Nikita Turu is showing some girl power, leading the junior scooter category, but followed closely by senior competitor, Ryan McHugh.

Motueka’s Korbyn Wilson is at the top of the bmx bike leader board and Paul says has a real chance of taking it out.

Paul says the competitors are loving it but they want more.

“We’ve got these great skateparks but there aren’t many opportunities to compete, meet up with friends and show everyone how much they’ve improved, they want more.”

Saturday’s heat at Richmond’s Jubilee skatepark marks the end of the competition and Paul is expecting a big crowd.

“They’ve been big crowds so far, all sorts of people come along, young and old, kids parents, even people with no connection are coming along to their local park to check out what’s happening and enjoy watching the competition.”

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