Snorkellers get a close look at Cable Bay marine life


Around 140 people turned up at Cable Bay on Sunday to experience life under the sea.

The community guided snorkel day was organised by Experiencing Marine Reserves (EMR) in order to educate people on the creatures that call the sea home and spark an interest in people for our local marine reserves.

“What we want to do is give people a marine experience up close underneath the water in their local environment and raise their awareness of the Horoirangi marine reserve. It’s also about getting local people to develop a connection with the marine environment, with the idea that with that connection, perhaps there will be more care and interest in their marine environments,” says organiser Megan Wilson.

Experience was no barrier with kids and adults of all ages taking part, under the guidance of practised local divers from the Nelson Underwater Club.

“We were actually going to do the Cable Bay walkway and we saw this advertised and I thought it would be quite a cool idea. It seemed like a really nice and easy set up to have a go,” says Kanishka Jayasena of Stoke.

A total of 154 people were involved in the day including the guides and other volunteers. The Cable Bay snorkel day was one of many that are being held throughout the country thanks to EMR, Sunday’s event made possible with additional support from Whenua Iti Outdoors, Port Nelson, Nelson Underwater Club and the Department of Conservation.