Photo Gallery: Shapeshifter


Just  over two thousand people rocked up to the Riwaka Hotel last Saturday to dance to Kora, Sunshine Sound System and headlining act, Shapeshifter.

The mosh pit was jumping, drinks were flowing and dance moves that you might regret the next day were making an appearance.

Organiser Peter Campbell was thrilled with how well the event played out.

“I thought it was a really good natured crowd, there was no problems at all, no arrests, no fights and the level of intoxication was pretty responsible.”

Peter says the night went really well, with pretty positive feedback from everyone including the acts who love playing at Riwaka.

“It’s one of the venues on the summer circuit that all the acts really love coming to, this part of the world is such a hot spot in terms of people having their annual break so you get a real kind of holiday feel around this venue which is really cool.”

To watch our video of the night, Click Here.