Photo Gallery: Jazz in the Park


Armed with picnic baskets, blankets and wine, over 3,000 people lined Fairfield Park’s natural amphitheatre last Monday.

The Nelson Jazz Festival’s 25th Jubilee kicked off with several events including the ever popular Jazz in the Park at Fairfield Park.

Nelson Jazz Club Secretary, Mike Murphy says the event has been at Fairfield for 20 years.

“It’s got a really nice picnicy, family feel to it and there’s a lot more people than last year.”

The weather was perfect, the real fruit ice-creams were melting and the crowd swayed to smooth jazz, a group even decided to bring a birthday party to the park.

Nelsonian Diane Huata only has to walk a few metres to get to the park and she brings her family along each year.

“We love it, we just walk up the road and it’s wonderful. We came last year and did the same thing, brought the picnic, got some ice-cream thing and sat here listening to the music.”

The event was so relaxed even the security guards had a great time.

“The crowd has been great, I haven’t had to do anything except push a lady up the hill in her wheel chair, it was bloody hard,” says security guard Craig.