Nelsonians more likely to pitch a tent


Nelsonians are more likely to go camping than other kiwis, according to a recent survey.

The study was commissioned by a campervan company to look at kiwis’ holiday habits and it showed that Nelsonians have the highest percentage of tent ownership in the country.

Sixty-three per cent of Nelsonians own a tent, far more than the national average of 47 per cent. The survey was conducted with over 10,000 respondents across New Zealand.

The results come as no surprise to co-owner of MD Outdoors, Mike Smithers.

“There’s definitely a camping culture in Nelson,” says Mike.

“It’s a passed down family tradition of just going out and doing it, the parents do it and then the kids get the bug. They’ll go out, grab a two person tent and throw it in the car as teenagers and tramp as adults and then take their kids out camping in a canvas tent as well.”

He says a lot of Nelsonians, head to places like Momorangi Bay every summer. “My business partner has an annual family holiday in Totaranui while best friends of ours will pick up the canvas tent and pitch it in Totaranui for two weeks almost every holiday.”

Kaiteriteri Beach Motor Camp manager Dennis Petch says the campground is choc-a-block with locals this summer.

“We get a lot of people coming up from Christchurch but we always get plenty of locals from the Nelson-Tasman area.”

Torpedo 7’s stock controller Anne Duboffon says the locals definitely buy a lot of tents.

“We’ve sold 571 tents over the last year, 160 of those were in December alone.

“They’re all different types but the most popular ones are the small hiking tents and the big canvas tents that people just chuck in their car and pitch up for a week or two,” says Anne.

The survey also revealed that Nelson has the highest percentage of travellers with 65 per cent of people saying they have taken a 10-day trip either overseas or in NZ in the last year.

The survey was commissioned by RV Super Centre.