Rescue operation in Cobb Valley


A search and rescue operation is under way in the Cobb Valley after a 30-year-old man was reported missing on Monday evening.

The man had set off on a walk to the Cobb Dam about 8.30am on Monday with another male and a woman. About 1.30pm the party separated, with one of the men deciding to take an alternate route out of the area.

When he failed to meet up with the others he was reported missing about 6.30pm.

A helicopter flow over the area on Monday evening, but failed to find any trace of the man. Ground search teams, including a specialist cave rescue team entered the area shortly before 6am on Tuesday.

Within an hour they had located signs of the man and at 7.30am he was located injured. The terrain in the area will prevent a ground recovery and arrangements are being made to winch the man out by helicopter.

Search coordinator Constable Dave Cogger says the man was not equipped for a night in the outdoors and did not appear to have tramping experience.

“His companions have told us he took the alternate route because he was experiencing difficulties due to his fitness level. Unfortunately the route he has taken was significantly more challenging and would have been difficult for experienced trampers to complete.”

Dave says the group had broken one of the golden rules of tramping by allowing the party to separate.

Conditions in the area are good and it is hoped the man will be extracted on Tuesday morning.