Crash causes large power outage


The power is out over Richmond after a car drove into a green power box.

Eyewitnesses say they saw the car drive straight through the roundabout and into the box which caught fire and cut the power to most of Richmond.

The incident happened just past the corner of Oxford Street and Wensley Road at around 9.10pm.

Two firetrucks responded to the scene and were joined by the Police and St John.

Eyewitnesses also reported seeing multiple young men being treated in the ambulances. It is uncertain at this stage how many passengers were in the car and what condition they are now in.

The Richmond Volunteer Fire Brigade’s Ralph Lonsdale says he was first alerted when the lights in his house flickered.

“That usually means has hit a power pole or something but this was actually a part of the power supply.”

“There were some quite big booms as I drove past, the power box was doing some more explosions,” says Ralph.

A spokesperson from Network Tasman Limited says that while there is a fault and they have men working on it, they won’t be releasing any information until tomorrow morning.