Candy cane cemetery


The relatives of deceased babies buried at the Marsden Valley Cemetary received a surprise when they visited the graves of their children this Christmas.

An anonymous couple has warmed hearts by placing miniature candy canes on each infant grave in the Marsden Valley Cemetary’s baby section for Christmas Day.

Shanna Thompson was one of the mothers that visited her child on Boxing Day to find a candy cane on her daughter’s and brother’s graves.

“When I was visiting my daughter there was an elderly couple with a basket full of candy canes up by the small babies, at the time I thought they were visiting, it wasn’t until they left and I went to see my brother’s grave that I saw every grave had a candy cane.”

“It’s very heartwarming as a mum who has lost a child and my baby brother,” says Shanna.

“I’d love to find out who it was, it’s such a huge act of kindness. I’m sure every mum who has angel babies is touched by this.”

While these kind-hearted people remain anonymous, support for their actions is flooding in on social media, with several mothers wanting to thank the stranger.

One mother posted, “Such a lovely thing for someone to do, brought tears to my eyes and made my day to know someone else is looking after and caring for our babies. Every single headstone had a wee Candy cane.”

While another mother says, “It truly brought tears to my eyes that someone special had thought to do something so kind for all our babies. I’d love to say a huge thank you also to whoever it was. Very beautiful gesture.”

If anyone has any more information on this act of kindness, we’d love to hear from you.