Here, have a business for free


The owners of an indoor mini golf business are ready to move on, but instead of selling it on the open market, they’re going to give it away.

Troy Warring says he and his wife Joanne started Roadhogs a little over a year ago to provide a “passive income”, but that it hadn’t worked out that way.

“My wife and I both work five days a week at our other jobs, then I work on Saturdays and she does Sundays, so we just don’t see each other. For some people that’s a good thing, not for us.”

Troy says the business, which is next to McDonald’s on Selwyn Pl, pays its way but it needs an “enthusiastic” person to take over.“

“We chucked $20,000 into setting it up. That work is done now and it has a lot of potential. It’s not going make millions, but it ticks over and it supports itself and it pays wages,” he says.

“There’s a lot that could be done that we just don’t have the energy for.”

He says they considered closing the business but then thought it would be a shame to see a viable business close down.

“Because Nelson is an outdoor destination, it is hard when the weather is good, but as soon as it turns bad, we’re chocka.”

At the moment Roadhogs is only open during school holidays and weekends. Troy says it can turnover between $20 and $1500 a day and the monthly lease is $500.

Troy says he’s already had interest from about six people and he’s sure it will go to someone. “It’s an amazing opportunity for someone. A viable business, for free.”

If you’d like to enquire about taking over ownership of Roadhogs, call Troy on 027 951 4558.