Boar Jaw winner just three seconds off estimated time


The Nelson Striders competed in their annual half marathon and 10km event up Maitai Valley over the weekend.

The unique event was established after members of the group, who were out on a Sunday morning jog up the Maitai Valley in 1994, came dangerously close to disaster after encountering a wild boar.

Fortunately, Maitai Dam caretaker Trevor Ruffell came to the rescue, and ever since then runners have been competing to take home the prestigious Trevor Ruffell Tusk Trophy.

Runners must estimate their time over the 21.1km distance up the valley and whoever guesses closest takes home the trophy.

Around 110 people took part in the half marathon and 10km, several of them from outside Nelson and even New Zealand.

This year the winner of the Trevor Ruffell Tusk Trophy, aka The Boars Jaw’s, was Nelson’s Simon Leaning who was just three seconds off his estimated time. Second place went to Amber Lawson from North Canterbury with 14 seconds, followed by Nelson’s Kimble Rawson with 15 seconds.

In the 10km event, Lizzie Tai of Motueka took out first place with the exact time, followed by Nelson’s Maria Hillier with seven seconds and a draw between Iona Fitchett and Jeff Leckey for third place with eight seconds.