Teeing off 150 times for Fifeshire


Six young golfers were on the green and putting off at the crack of dawn yesterday.

The group of boys were out to beat the Nelson Golf Club record of 150 holes in one day, raising money for the Fifeshire Foundation as they did so.

Keen golfer, Matt Grimes was confident the group had a shot at beating 150 holes.

“We’ve got enough time to beat the record, it’ll just depend on how sore and tired we get through the day.”

He was right, all six boys putted over 100 holes and three smashed the record.

The Nelson Golf Club’s office manager, Allison O’Donnell says that Kameron, Matt and Olly made it to 156 holes.

“They finished at 9.10 pm last night, Cameron looked so fresh still, as if he hadn’t even started, but the other two were looking a little bit sore,” says Allison.

“They did very well, they were so determined to beat Glyn Delaney who had done 150 holes in a day, about 50 years ago.”

The boys were looking for a challenge and they definitely found it. Kameron, Matt and Olly were walking the green in strong wind and soaring heat for 16 and a half hours straight.

We talked to Matt between holes yesterday morning.

“We started at 5 am, it was so dark we couldn’t actually see the ball, and we’ll keep going until either we drop or its too dark, hopefully we make it to 9.30 tonight,” says Matt.

Armed with sunblock, a chilly bin and some jet plane lollies, the boys continued around the course, Matt grimaced, admitting it’s already taking a toll on his legs, but it’s worth it.

“We thought it’d be really nice to give back to some people who aren’t as privileged as we are.”

The group have been fundraising for three weeks and are nearing $3000. Club members, friends and family have all been very generous in supporting the boys.

“There’s a club member that’s sponsoring me $5 each hole and $5 each birdie, that’s a lot of money,” says Matt.

Matt’s grandfather and long time club member, Ian Lash says he’s got to go see the sponsor and ask him if he wants to cap it.

This isn’t the first time the boys have hit the green for an entire day, last year they set and met their goal of 100 holes in one day.

“They did it last year to show that they could do it and then this year they said, right, we’ll do it for someone else, I just think it’s great what they’re doing for charity,” says Ian.

Fifeshire Foundation manger Rachel Swarbrick says the money will make a real difference.

“We are very proud of these boys, what they’re doing is very inspiring and we’re just thrilled that they’re raising all this money for us,” says Rachel.

“The foundation is about locals supporting locals and this is a really good example of some local kids that wanted to make a difference in their community. 100 holes is a really big challenge and I hope they succeed, they’re off to a really good start already.”

The money donated will go towards the Big Give, an initiative that supports locals in financial or domestic hardship over Christmas.

So far, thousands of cans have been donated as well as hundreds of good quality toys and over $10,000 including the boys’ contribution.