Powerlifter conquers Commonwealth Champs


Nelson powerlifter, Michelle Welsh claimed three bronze medals over night at the 2015 Powerlifting Commonwealth Champs in Vancouver.

Michelle took home bronze medals for her 137.5kg squat and her 67.5kg bench press, as well as receiving a large bronze medal for placing third overall in her Under 84kg Female category.

Michelle says she is absolutely stoked with the result.

“I didn’t come to medal, I came to compete against myself and do the best I could and I did, I came away with third place which I was really shocked and stoked with.”

Michelle is chalking up her podium moment as the most overwhelming experience of her life.

“Standing on that podium when they played the national anthem, draped in the New Zealand flag – it just brings tears to your eyes, its a big, big feeling.”

Michelle’s coach, Jason Hylkema followed the competition from Nelson.

“We knew that if she lifted against herself and lifted well, it would probably put her into medal contention. I’m stoked for her, and I’m so happy that all the hard training has payed off and as long as she’s having fun, I’m happy.”

And as for what’s next on the cards, Jason says Michelle is keen to push it to the next level and that probably involves qualifying for Worlds.

“If that’s what she decides to do, that’s great. She’ll achieve whatever she wants to achieve, once she makes a decision, it’s pretty hard to stop her from doing it.”

In the meantime, Michelle is celebrating and loving being around so many powerlifters.

“It’s really cool to be around people who do the same sport as you, because I’m one of the only ones in Nelson, hopefully it builds up and we get a few more people interested in it, it’s cool to meet new people from all different countries that are all doing the same thing as you.”

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